Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream Brewing co-owner Jon Young plans to open a new coffee house on Feb. 1 in the brewery’s event space.

LONDONDERRY — The owners of a Londonderry business have expanded their definition of brewing.

Pipe Dream Brewing will begin serving espresso, lattes, brunch cocktails and breakfast sandwiches Saturday when it launches Pipe Dream Coffee House.

Pipe Dream co-owner Jon Young said the 100-seat coffee shop will be open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., and weekends from 7 a.m. to noon. They’ll locate it inside the events room that they built out about a year ago.

The brewery side will still open at noon every day except Monday and Tuesday.

Young said the idea was to bring in more revenue during the daytime hours and to keep things fresh.

“I just always want to do something different and keep it going,” Young said.

The cafe will serve a full menu of regular coffee and iced coffee, espresso-based lattes, cold brew and nitro cold brew. Food will include two-egg breakfast sandwiches, bagels and other baked goods. And kid-friendly menu items like hot cocoa, juice and soft drinks will be available.

One of the ways it aims to differentiate itself from other cafes is with its liquor license. Young said the cafe will serve mimosas and Bloody Marys, as well as Irish coffees and a spiked hot cocoa with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

“There’s no other artisan coffee houses where you can sit down and hang out,” Young said.

Young purchased espresso machines and partnered with Mike Brown of Hometown Coffee Roasters in Manchester to source the coffee and train employees on the machines.

“He started in his kitchen just like I did as well,” Young said of Brown.

Brown said he started his business in 2017 using roasting equipment in his home basement, and moved to a commercial space at 80 Old Granite St. in October 2018.

He said the business specializes in small batch, freshly roasted, specialty coffee that is delivered within 24 to 48 hours of being roasted. It also create kegs of nitro cold brew for cafes.

He said they started with about two or three big clients for the wholesale coffee, which is sourced from Guatemala, Columbia and Ethiopia, and sold about a couple kegs a week. Now, they’re up to about 20 wholesale accounts, and they move about 50 to 80 kegs a week. He estimates he grew the business about 300 to 400 percent since he started.

“It’s pretty significant,” Brown said.

Young first approached Brown to collaborate on a Mocha Blonde beer using Brown’s coffee about a year ago. And about six months later, Brown said Young approached him about the cafe idea.

The Pipe Dream Coffee House will also retail bags of Hometown coffee beans.

Young said the brewery side of the business has been booming and that they recently invested in the 5,000-square-foot expansion and renovation (now totaling 10,000 square feet), a 20-by-17-by-19 foot walk-in cooler, and a new canning line.

To top it off, he said he just purchased the building at 49 Harvey Road and finalized the paperwork on Tuesday. They will continue to lease space to a pallet company they share the building with.

The sale price was $1.4 million from previous owner Charles Zoulias, according to the Rockingham County Registry of Deeds. Young declined to comment on how much they are spending on the equipment or the renovation.

He said they’ve increased their production from 65 gallons per batch to 550 gallons, since about four years ago when they opened. They can brew two batches per day, Young said. They distribute kegs and cans to 150 locations.

They started with four employees, which included his business partner, his wife and daughter. Now they’re up to 25 employees, he said.

While he has no plans to expand further in his current space (limited parking is an ongoing challenge, he said), Young said he wants to nail down a second location that would be a taproom and cafe combination, and keep the production at the current site.

The idea is to find a place in New Hampshire, preferably along a body of water, sometime in the next year and a half.

“I don’t like to stay stagnant,” Young said.

Meanwhile, Brown said he is planning on opening a coffee bar at the front end of his roastery sometime in March or April. He intends to serve coffee, have nitro cold brew on tap and host educational events that showcase how the coffee gets made.

“The whole bean-to-cup process is really what we’re trying to emphasize and show people,” Brown said.

Next Saturday, Feb. 8, Pipe Dream will be hosting its annual “All Summer Long Party,” where they truck in a load of sand to cover the floors and people come in sandals and swimwear.

Four reggae bands will be playing, a space will be set up for beach volleyball, and the brewery will be serving white and red sangrias in addition to their regular beer offerings.


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