A Portsmouth company is having its chemical-free topical treatment tested to see if it can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Fuze Biotech, based in New Hampshire and Utah, works with the New England Patriots to protect the health of their professional football players as well as Wilcox Industries in Newington, The Kane Company in Portsmouth and Colwen Hotel Management in Portsmouth.

Chief Technology Officer Andrew Peterson said on Monday the company’s product works to attack microorganisms as soon as they come into contact with a treated surface. Tests show a 99.9 percent kill rate for mold, fungus and harmful pathogens for over six months after application, he said.

The hope is that after testing, Fuze is shown to be as effective against COVID-19.

“Initially, right now, the testing is very promising,” Peterson said.

Peterson said the company has extensive research on how Fuze can kill bacteria. Since bacteria is the main carrier and food source for viruses on surfaces, they are promoting their services based on prior work until they receive their COVID-19 test results within the next 30 days, Peterson said.

Fuze is a water-based application which eliminates toxic ions and produces virtually identical size particles, the company said. A continuous flow production process allows for the quick and efficient creation of these nontoxic particles, according to the Fuze website.

Ron Rochelein, regional manager for Colwen Hotels, said providing guests with the assurances they have taken the necessary steps to keep them safe and healthy has been well received.

“The Fuze team also voluntarily sprayed car interiors for 15 of our guests along with their cell phones. What a great thing to do,” Rochelein said in a statement sent last week.

David Ludd, Fuze’s head of global marketing, said the company is also doing some preliminary work with customs and border facilities in the United States.