PORTSMOUTH — Senet Chief Technical Officer Dave Kjendal has been named to the Board of Directors for the LoRa Alliance.

LoRa Alliance is a nonprofit trade group with more than 500 member companies, each committed to large-scale development of Low Power Wide Area Networks Internet of Things through the development and promotion of the LoRaWAN open standard.

Kjendal has been highly active in the LoRa Alliance since Senet became a founding member in 2015.

Kjendal, who has helped define the technical and business direction of Senet since 2014, sat down to answer some questions recently about the new title.

Q. What is the significance of being named to the board of LoRa Alliance?

A. We hope that we’re able to add a lot of value to our entire ecosystem. We’ve been engaged with this alliance since its foundation, which was back in the early part of 2015. We’re hopeful that bringing our experiences and expertise to the board will help continue to keep it growing. It’s one of the fastest growing technology alliances in history.

Q. What were your interests growing up? How did you decide to get into this field?

A. I’ve always been interested in technology.

I grew up all over the country, but I did spend a lot of my youth in the New England area and ultimately graduated with a bachelor’s of science in physics from the University of New Hampshire. I went on to do my master’s work in Alabama, then actually came back up here for a job at Cabletron Systems back in the mid-90s.

Q. Tell me a little bit about why you enjoy your line of work.

A. It’s a couple of things. One is, being involved in cutting-edge technology is always very, very interesting.

What’s interesting here, specifically, is that the market is very good as well. There are no really established business models of product out there on the market, certainly there weren’t in 2014 when we got started. So, it really is a ground-up envisioning of everything and placing big bets on futures, so that is very exciting.

The other thing is, I get to work with a great team of people. In my past, I have worked with very large teams. Our team now is a little smaller. We have about 35 employees here at Senet. Most of them were hand-picked from past experiences.

Q. You are on the cutting edge of technology that is going to revolutionize the way we do so many different things in the world. What do you envision for your industry within the next five to 10 years?

A. In the technology space, five to 10 years seems like almost an eternity sometimes. A lot could happen during the course of that time, but what we really see in the transformative nature of what we’re working on is this ability to instrument the entire physical world.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020