Sun Ra's 'Ancient Aethiopia'

Bill Sebastian set jazz artist Sun Ra’s “Ancient Aethiopia” to surreal 3-D images experienced in virtual reality through audio and video headsets.

With OVC-3D, the latest iteration of his Outer Space Visual Communicator, Bill Sebastian creates visuals to complement the exploratory jazz of Sun Ra, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. The sites and sounds transport you to another place, as if you were so mesmerized by an abstract painting that you stepped inside it to watch it shift and swirl around you.

It’s a major upgrade since 1988, when I tried on goggles and headphones in Colorado for a story about “brain spas,” which promised to relax you through flashes of light and beeping tones. I experienced various shapes and patterns but described the end result as the feeling you might get from staring at the sun with a pair of cheap sunglasses.

Bill Sebastian

The system Bill Sebastian uses to create 3-D virtual reality images he sets to music is arranged similarly to an audio recording console.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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