The Common Man switches to paper straws

The Common Man family of restaurants has replaced plastic straws with paper in its 15 restaurants and the Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center in Plymouth.

ASHLAND — The Common Man family has removed all plastic straws from its restaurants statewide, replacing them with paper straws.

The company moved to an on-demand distribution last year, giving plastic straws only when customers requested them, Chief Operating Officer Sean Brown said in statement.

Meanwhile, the company explored other options, ultimately choosing Hoffmaster compostable paper straws in partnership with Manchester-based vendor Central Paper Products Inc.

The paper straws have replaced all regular beverage and smaller cocktail straws at the 15 Common Man-owned restaurants across New Hampshire, as well as The Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center in Plymouth.

The Common Man’s sister company at the Hooksett Welcome Centers is exploring options, the company said.

Brown said the company’s move to paper straws increases paper goods costs for the company by about $24,000 annually.

“Some guests need straws due to dental issues or sensitivity to cold; others just prefer to use a straw with their beverage,” he said. “This provides an eco-friendly way to meet those needs and preferences.”