Tuscan Market roaster Amy Scarpello

Roaster Amy Scarpello serves freshly made coffee at Tuscan Market in Portsmouth on Monday afternoon. The shop opened in July, and weekly sales of coffee are at about $7,000, the company said.

PORTSMOUTH — Tuscan Brands is bringing its own roasted coffee beans to its new market in Portsmouth.

Tuscan launched the coffee roasting endeavor after taking over Breaking New Grounds in Portsmouth at the beginning of the year. For 25 years, the Market Square coffee shop was a staple downtown.

Tuscan Brands is selling coffee made from beans from Guatemala, Brazil, Kenya and Sumatra that are roasted and packaged in Tuscan’s production facility in Salem.

Tuscan’s Portsmouth location came with a coffee roaster, Master Roaster Joe Brenner said. But as the company worked to figure out what to do with it, he started doing a cost analysis into Tuscan roasting its own coffee.

The company eventually formed a sourcing agreement with La Minita, which has a farm in Costa Rica.

“They’ve been in the business for years. They’re very well known for their sustainable forestry practices,” Brenner said.

Brenner said when they rolled out the new coffee line, customers at Tuscan’s restaurants in Portsmouth, Salem, Boston and Burlington, Mass., commented about the quality.

“We instantly got positive feedback about it because of the freshness of the coffee,” Brenner said. At the Portsmouth’s Tuscan Market, weekly coffee sales are currently at $7,000, he said.

In addition to getting the specialty coffees at Tuscan Market and the company’s restaurants, customers can buy freshly roasted beans to take home beginning at $12.99 a pound.

Coffee enthusiasts at the Portsmouth shop on Monday said they are enjoying the Tuscan varieties.

“I’m a Starbucks addict, but we didn’t go over there. We came here, and I was very satisfied,” said Durham resident Berneen Bratt, who was sitting outside the shop watching people as they passed through Market Square.

“I’m a light roast person. It was very good,” said customer Mike Toole of Stratham.

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