Workers cheer during a ribbon-cutting at the new Walmart Supercenter on Gold Street in Manchester in 2016.

Walmart said it plans to remodel its Derry store and expand customer services in several others this year.

The giant retailer will expand its grocery pickup program to five stores across the state by year’s end. It will add grocery delivery to five stores.

A spokesman said he didn’t have which stores would see the enhanced services.

Walmart operates 27 Walmarts and two Sam’s Clubs in New Hampshire, employing more than 7,500 across the state.

No dollar estimates were given for the improvements, but remodeling a store typically costs multiple millions of dollars.

During its last fiscal year, Walmart said it spent $153.9 million with New Hampshire suppliers, which supported 11,637 supplier jobs.

Other plans include adding three “pickup towers” to stores across the state. The high-tech vending machines can fulfill a customer’s online order in less than 60 seconds once they arrive.

Walmart plans to add to three stores its FAST unloader, which automatically scans and sorts items that come off trucks based on priority and department. That will free up workers to spend more time with customers.

“We are expanding the number of stores in New Hampshire that have these tools in order to continue to meet the evolving needs of our neighbors,” said Jack Williams, regional general manager for Walmart.

“These conveniences will allow everyone from the busy parent who needs to grab groceries, to the elderly or disabled who struggle to get their shopping done — and everyone in between — another quick, simple option to complete their shopping needs,” he said in a statement.