Former Weare police sergeant Joseph Kelley has received another $5,000 from the town, as well as an order by a judge that the town remove two potentially damaging letters from his personnel file.

The details are in a court case file that a judge ordered unsealed late last year after the New Hampshire Union Leader contested an earlier decision to seal a settlement agreement and other documents in the case.

Kelley, who had received at $260,000 settlement over his 2013 termination, had sued town officials a second time, after learning of a secret town file where officials had collected documents dealing with his termination.

Under the terms of the initial suit, the town was supposed to remove all such documents from town hall.

The town will pay Kelley another $5,000. It will also remove two documents from Kelley’s file a 2015 letter from Assistant Attorney General Stacey Kaelin that Kelley was on the so-called Laurie List, a list of police officers with credibility problems, and a memo from then Police Chief Sean Kelly placing the Kaelin letter in Kelley’s file.

Kelley has had on ongoing legal battle with Weare since the August 2013 police killing of Manchester resident Alex Cora DeJesus in an undercover drug investigation that then Attorney General Joseph Foster later said was ill-conceived.

Kelley was one of the officers in charge at the time, and shortly after the killing he went out on workers’ compensation, claiming the shooting caused anxiety and post-traumatic stress.