Roof collapse

The roof of BSP Trans Inc. at 2500 Liberty Drive partially collapsed in Londonderry  Monday afternoon.

LONDONDERRY — The roof of a warehouse and distribution facility in Londonderry partially collapsed under the weight of water and snow Monday afternoon.

The Londonderry Fire Department responded to a call about 1:24 p.m. for a roof collapse at BSP Trans Inc. at 2500 Liberty Drive.

Fire Chief Darren O’Brien said the roof over the area used for loading freight into trucks took the biggest hit, allowing water and snow to leak inside the facility.

“The area that suffered the most damage was to their freight terminal area,” O’Brien said. “That suffered significant structural damage to the steel girders and steel truss to the roof structure.”

O’Brien said about 2 feet of snow fell over the last week or so, and Monday saw over an inch of rain. The weight of all that snow and water caused the roof to buckle.

“All that was up there,” O’Brien said.

The fire department evacuated the building and assisted with the removal of two full freight trucks.

After evaluating the structure, they found other areas of the roof experiencing strain, so they deemed the structure unsafe until a structural engineer can come to evaluate it further.

It was also determined the drainage system was either damaged or clogged, O’Brien said.

Utilities were shut off and a third-party security company was hired to monitor the warehouse overnight.

O’Brien said if companies have large, flat roofs, they should look into hiring a company to remove the snow if possible.

“The recommendation from all the authorities is to be able to get the snow load off, especially flat roofs,” O’Brien said.

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