Whaleback Mountain

Whaleback Mountain’s nonprofit parent organization is trying to raise $50,000 in order to repair the base lodge before the ski park opens for the coming ski season.

ENFIELD — The nonprofit board that runs the Whaleback ski park is asking for help repairing the base lodge.

The Upper Valley Snow Sports Foundation (UVSSF) says it needs $50,000 to make repairs to the base lodge at the small park ahead of the coming ski season.

“Whaleback is a community mountain dedicated to affordable snow sports in the Upper Valley,” Whaleback representatives wrote on social media. “As a nonprofit, we rely on donor support to bridge gaps between operating revenues and expenses.”

The base lodge is in need of work, according to Whaleback. So far, the group has raised $600 of the $50,000 it is seeking. The organization said that rot, discovered during other repairs, makes the repairs somewhat urgent.

“The base ski lodge is aging and roofing, windows, and doors have reached the end of their useful life. Heavy wind and rain this spring caused windows to break and water to get into the ski lodge. When attempting repairs, rot in the building framing was discovered, and must be corrected before the 2019-2020 ski season,” the group representatives wrote.

The UVSSF, which is Whaleback’s current ownership group, bought the ski area out of bankruptcy in 2013, reopening the ski trails to the public.

“Like our fellow residents, we recognize the importance of Whaleback as a community asset and started our journey to purchase and operate the mountain,” UVSSF wrote on its web page.

Whaleback first opened in the 1950s, but as ownership changed hands and business became difficult, it closed in the 1990s. It reopened in 1993 and operated until 2001, when it closed a second time. An investor group, Whaleback Mountain LLC, bought the property in 2005 and operated it until 2013 when the bank foreclosed on the ski park. That’s when the UVSSF stepped in and started operating it as a nonprofit entity.