Joe Gabriel, founder of Form 3D Solutions, holds a prototype part at the Dover company.

A Dover firm that employs three people and produces metal parts using 3D printing plans to get bigger after a Connecticut company acquired it.

“We will be hiring at least a couple people immediately and have plans to acquire more equipment, 3D printers,” Doug Folsom, CEO of the Whitcraft Group, said in an interview Thursday.

His company purchased Form 3D Solutions for an undisclosed price.

Folsom likes that the Dover company is involved in additive manufacturing, which involves a layering process. Form 3D Solutions specializes in developing and producing precision titanium and nickel alloy parts using 3D printing. He said that company uses metal powders and lasers in its work.

He said his company simply could have bought additive manufacturing machines.

But “there’s just very few people walking the Earth that know additive manufacturing because it’s such a new technology,” said Folsom, who previously served as plant leader at the General Electric Aviation plant in Hooksett.

Folsom met Form 3D Solutions founder Joe Gabriel through connections with the University of New Hampshire in Durham.

“Whitcraft’s long established, deep relationships with many of the world’s largest aerospace companies gives Form 3D an entrée into this vital and growing industry,” Gabriel said in a statement.

Gabriel will serve as general manager of Form 3D, which will remain separate.

Based in Eastford, Conn., the Whitcraft Group has more than 800 workers in four facilities, including one in Newburyport, Mass.

Whitcraft is in the metal aerospace industry, including making fabricated components that go into the compressor section of the LEAP engine made at GE in Hooksett.