The Attorney General’s Civil Rights Unit reached an agreement with The Fort Restaurant and Bakery in Lebanon stemming from allegations of employment discrimination and creation of a hostile work environment.

The unit filed the charge of discrimination with the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights in response to allegations that employees at The Fort repeatedly referred to the restaurant’s only Black employee using racial slurs, according to a news release.

“The employees used these slurs in front of the Black employee and in front of management, who did nothing to correct the behavior or discipline the employees,” the release reads.

The management was also aware of a derogatory message written on the restaurant whiteboard and removed it before the Black employee could see it, but did not discipline the employee who wrote the message.

The management terminated an employee who alerted the Black employee to the existence of the message, according to the release. The Black employee quit his job as a result of the work environment.

The Fort agreed, among other things, to update its policies addressing sexual and other harassment, undertake annual training and report to the Attorney General’s office every six months of any complaints and resolutions made. The settlement agreement and reporting requirements will remain in effect for three years.

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