DeLemus loses bid to withdraw guilty plea for 2014 Nevada standoff

This screengrab shows Jerry DeLemus of Rochester in Bunkersville, Nev., just after the Cliven Bundy standoff in 2014.

A Rochester man’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea in connection with a 2014 standoff involving federal agents and Nevada cattle rancher, Cliven Bundy, has been denied by a Nevada judge.

Gerald “Jerry” DeLemus’ sentencing hearing has been continued to May 31. It was originally scheduled to take place last Friday.

DeLemus was arrested by FBI agents in March 2016 in New Hampshire for his alleged involvement in a 2014 standoff involving Nevada cattle rancher Bundy.

He has been jailed since March 7, 2016, when he was arrested on 10 federal charges. Last August, he pleaded guilty to two charges, including conspiracy, in a plea agreement in exchange for the government proposing a 72-month federal prison sentence.

In the plea agreement, the government said DeLemus called Bundy in Nevada on April 8, 2014. During that telephone conversation, Bundy told DeLemus federal officers had guns and that he (Bundy) needed “bodies,” which DeLemus understood to be people with firearms, to support Bundy. DeLemus agreed to assist and “brought firearms and gunmen to Nevada in support of Bundy,” according to court records.

Last October, a federal jury found Ammon Bundy, his brother Ryan Bundy and five co-defendants not guilty of conspiring to prevent federal employees from doing their jobs through intimidation, threat or force during the Malheur wildlife refuge occupation.

The next month, DeLemus obtained a new federal public defender and filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea in the Nevada case.

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