NEWPORT — Ian Kibbe, a former Claremont police officer accused of perjury, is expected to plead guilty Monday as part of a deal that will see him serve 90 days in jail, according to documents filed in Sullivan County Superior Court in Newport.

Kibbe, 31, of Springfield, Vt., is facing six criminal charges, including felony perjury for alleged actions while investigating a domestic violence case.

According to an email from Eric Wilson, Kibbe’s attorney, to the court, a deal has been reached that will see Kibbe plead guilty to two misdemeanors. The emails are part of Kibbe’s court file.

“The AG's have agreed with our offer,” Wilson wrote. “I wanted to advise you that this matter will in fact be a plea to two misdemeanors, with a cap of 90 days in the HOC.”

The abbreviation HOC is often used to mean the House of Corrections. Sentences of less than a year are typically served in county jails.

Kibbe’s change-of-plea hearing is scheduled for Monday morning. If the plea deal does not come through, the court is prepared to begin jury selection for a trial that day, according to the emails.

Kibbe failed to have the felony counts dismissed last month through a motion filed in court, and was scheduled to go on trial on the felony charges that could have landed him in jail for several years.

Kibbe allegedly lied that he saw weapons in the bedroom of a convicted felon, Christopher Ratcliffe. Kibbe was in Ratcliffe’s apartment with then-Claremont Officer Mark Burch and New Hampshire State Trooper Eric Fosterling to serve an arrest warrant on Ratcliffe on a charge of violating a protective order.

Burch resigned after Fosterling reported the alleged lies about the weapons. Burch has not been charged and is reportedly cooperating with investigators. The case against Ratcliffe has been dismissed.

Kibbe’s arrest for perjury resulted in scores of cases he was involved in being dismissed and at least 30 cases being dropped.

Assistant New Hampshire Attorney General Geoffey Ward also said Thursday that the inquiry into Kibbe’s 2016 shooting death of Cody Lafont continues.

Kibbe was the only witness to the Sept. 25, 2016 shooting of the 25-year-old. The Attorney General's office initially ruled the shooting of Lafont as legally justified.

Ward said in an email Thursday that “the matter is being reviewed and is ongoing.”

Kibbe told investigators that Lafont had brandished a handgun while the officer was responding to a 911 call. Kibbe said Lafont refused multiple orders to drop the gun and that he feared for his own life when he fired three shots into Kibbe killing him.

Lafont’s family disputes Kibbe’s claims and contend Lafont did not have any weapons.

Lafont did have a history of mental health issues. Following a drunken episode in 2013, Lafont’s family took away all of his guns, according to the Attorney General's initial report.

The Claremont Police Department recently announced that it is looking into purchasing body cameras for officers.

Correction: A previous version of this story misstated how Mark Burch left the Claremont Police Department. He resigned.