Julie Introcaso, the former Circuit Court judge convicted of tampering with court documents, has only paid a fraction of the $75,000 due the New Hampshire court system, the courts spokesman said.

Introcaso, who earned a $165,000 salary before her whiteouts of court records was discovered last year, has only paid $475 to cover the cost of the investigation into her wrongdoings, according to court system spokesman Susan Warner.

The Supreme Court has rejected the former Nashua judge’s request for a payment plan. Warner said the Administrative Office of the Courts also has not agreed to a payment plan.

But the system has decided not to take her to court over the matter. Most of her assets are tied up in retirement and deferred compensation accounts, and it would not be prudent to spend public funds to litigate the matter, Warner said.

“The AOC is committed to recovering these funds which are owed to the State of New Hampshire,” she wrote. “It is unfortunate that Ms. Introcaso has refused to cooperate to resolve this matter promptly.”

According to financial affidavits, Introcaso has not found full-time employment. This summer, she worked sporadically for a law review; up to 12 hours in July for $13.50 an hour, and she was on state unemployment, according to a financial disclosure form.

She is not eligible for a judicial pension, according to the court system.