Monadnock Road and Gun Club

Monadnock Road and Gun Club has been silent since 2018.

In another legal defeat for the Monadnock Rod and Gun Club, the club has been ordered to pay $28,027 to Peterborough’s attorney.

The club is already under order to pay Scott and Bridgette Perry of Peterborough nearly $650,000 over a lawsuit the club brought in an effort to take land from the Perrys and $3,700 in fines to the town.

The club, which has been in existence since 1947, brought a lawsuit against the Perrys in 2018 over the firearms range located on a six-acre parcel on Old Jaffrey Road owned by the Perrys.

Bridgette Perry said that after the couple complained to the club about the range being on their land, the club tried to take the land through adverse possession.

The club initially tried to buy the land for $10,000, an offer the Perrys rejected.

Hillsborough Superior Court Judge David Anderson ruled in favor of the Perrys in March 2020, after the couple had three experts testify about the damage done to their land when the club filled in the wetlands to build parts of the range.

The soil used for fill is now considered contaminated because of lead from spent ammunition. The total to remove the soil and restore the land is $648,402, according to the experts who testified on behalf of the Perrys, according to Anderson’s order.

The club is also required to file a remediation plan with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.

The order issued last week by Judge David Anderson requires the club to pay attorney John Ratigan $28,027 for his services for the town’s lawsuit against the club. The town was awarded a summary judgment in its cases against the club regarding violations of wetlands regulations and zoning ordinances.

Current Club President Ken Caisse did not respond to a request for comment.

Club member Tom Coneys has said the club is unlikely to come up with the money needed for the orders. According to Coneys, the club wants to bring their own experts onto the land to come up with a remediation plan with volunteer labor, but they are not being allowed to do that by the Perrys.

“The Perrys would absolutely not agree to an arrangement like that. I don’t know why (the club) would take that strange position,” the attorney for the Perrys, L. Phillips Runyon, said.

The firearms range has been silent since 2018, when the town was granted an injunction against the club. Peterborough filed a lawsuit against the club over alleged land use violations, which included building the gun range on wetlands.

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