Hillsborough County Attorney Michael Conlon announced that he has formed several prosecution units to address specialized topics such as cyber crime and special victims.

Conlon said the units will improve the office’s performance and increase its efficiency.

In addition to cyber crime and special victims, other units will address major crimes and drug crimes.

Most of the units will be confined to the north office, which encompasses Manchester and its immediate suburbs. The cyber crimes unit will cover both the north and Nashua-based south offices.

Conlon said each office also has a case intake unit, which reviews new cases. Amy Manchester handles the north office, and Brett Harpster the south office.

The special victims unit involves domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse of vulnerable victims such as children and the elderly. It is headed by veteran prosecutor Andrew Ouellette.

The drug unit is headed by Brendon Thurston.

The major crimes unit prosecutes robbery, burglary, negligent homicide, gang-related crimes and some weapons-related crimes. It is headed by Nicole Schultz-Price, the first assistant in the office.

The cyber crime unit, the first such group in the state, is headed by Nicole E.A. Thorspecken, Conlon said in a statement.

He said the unit will help prosecute crimes dealing with electronics and cases involving digital forensics.

Cyber crime offenses include possession or distribution of child sexual abuse images, online solicitation of children and revenge porn.

Many of the attorneys in the unit have received training from the U.S. Secret Service, Conlon said.

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