Corey Lewandowski


BRENTWOOD — A Massachusetts lawyer is denying allegations made by President Donald Trump’s former 2016 campaign manager who filed a lawsuit claiming he wasn’t properly represented during a bitter property battle with his Windham neighbors.

In court documents filed this week, William Sullivan Jr. of Sullivan & Sullivan in Haverhill, Mass., denied Corey Lewandowski’s claims of legal malpractice in his suit filed in December in Rockingham County Superior Court.

The suit stemmed from legal action Lewandowski took against Glenn and Irene Schwartz in 2017 when he accused them of causing problems when he moved ahead with plans to build a large garage on his property.

The Schwartzes filed a countersuit in which they described Lewnadowski as a bully who had threatened to use his political clout to make things difficult for them.

Lewandowski’s new lawsuit alleges Sullivan was ill-prepared to defend him in the countersuit, which resulted in him settling with the Schwartzes.

Lewandowski agreed to pay them $75,000 to drop their claims of emotional distress and spent “tens of thousands of dollars” for Sullivan’s services, according to his lawsuit.

When the countersuit was scheduled for trial on Oct. 16, 2018, Lewandowski claims it “became clear on that day that Sullivan was not prepared for the trial scheduled to begin the next day,” his suit said.

In his response to Lewandowski’s legal malpractice suit, Sullivan denied that he wasn’t prepared and denied claims that the trial judge had “admonished Sullivan for his lack of preparation and questioned how he planned to defend the case without a witness list, exhibits, or a statement of the case.”

“Upon realizing Sullivan was not prepared for trial, (Lewandowski) initiated discussions to resolve the case before the jury was seated in an effort to avoid facing drastic financial consequences due to Sullivan’s lack of preparation,” Lewandowski’s lawsuit said.

The Schwartzes ultimately demanded $75,000 to drop their claims of emotional distress. Lewandowski agreed to the amount “due to the risk of unlimited exposure well above the proposed $75,000,” his suit said.

Sullivan’s response said he and the law firm deny “each and every allegation of liability” and that they “did not breach the applicable standard of care.”

Among other things, Lewandowski is seeking attorney’s fees, including the amount he spent to settle the countersuit and the money he paid Sullivan.

“Defendants deny that plaintiffs are entitled to any recovery,” Sullivan’s response said.


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