Chasrick at defense table

Chasrick Soren Heredia, right, sits at the defense table with public defender Julian Jefferson at the start of his attempted murder trial on Tuesday.

MANCHESTER — Manchester police officers, including Chief Carlo Capano, crammed a courtroom Thursday for the final day of testimony in the case of a man charged with the attempted murder of one of his officers.

An all-woman jury will decide the fate of Chasrick Soren Heredia, 24, who faces charges of attempted murder, felony assault, riot, misdemeanor assault and resisting arrest.

The jury got the case about 3 p.m.

The charges stem from a May 10 confrontation between police and patrons of the now-closed GlowBar on Hanover Street.

Testimony on Thursday at Hillsborough County Superior Court included Heredia and a defense expert, retired New York police Sgt. Conor McCourt, who specializes in forensic video analysis.

Prosecutors have said Heredia delivered several “jackhammer punches” to police Officer Canada Stewart when she was on the ground, her head pressed against the pavement.

Much of the trial has focused on a 6-minute video that captures the arrest of Heredia and several friends outside the bar. The video did not capture the punches, but on Wednesday Stewart described the assault.

“He just was beating my head in,” Stewart said.