Alleged Queen City gang leader Brandon Griffin won’t go on trial until the spring, a Hillsborough County prosecutor said.

The trial, which is expected to be lengthy, was originally set to begin next month.

Assistant County Attorney Nicole Schultz-Price dropped a charge alleging Griffin is a “drug enterprise leader” after her request to postpone the December trial was declined.

Griffin remains jailed on other pending charges that could go to trial in the early spring, Schultz-Price said.

“I’m confident in our ability to go forward,” she added.

Griffin allegedly tried to corner the drug and prostitution business in Manchester in 2015 and 2016 and was facing more than 100 charges, among them shooting up the homes of rival drug dealers, ordering hits, and cutting the faces of women whom his “Squad” gang coerced into drug dealing and prostitution.

Schultz-Price sought a delay, she said, because of tight deadlines for disclosure regarding expert witnesses and other procedural matters.

The prosecutor said the drug enterprise charge could be brought again early next year, as well as dozens of other indictments potentially tainted by a conflict on a prior grand jury involving the spouse of an employee with the Hillsborough County Attorney’s office.

Initially, authorities expected to put Griffin on trial three times, but Schultz-Price said a future trial will likely consolidate the drug-enterprise charge with another batch of charges.

“Frankly, we’ve always known this should have been tried with the other charges and avoid duplication of our efforts and wasting resources,” she said.