A Florida man was extradited from Georgia this week after allegedly sending 10,000 text messages to a female acquaintance in a 12-day period, including some that police say were sexually explicit, obsessive and threatened violence upon churches and airports.

Nicholas C. Nelson, 48, faces charges of aggravated stalking and writing intimidating and threatening messages, reported the Florida Sun-Sentinel. The texts were sent in April, and Nelson was taken into custody days later, but he was only recently released to Broward County law enforcement, he told a judge during a court appearance Monday afternoon.

He is being held without bond because of a separate aggravated assault charge in Palm Beach County, reported the Sun-Sentinel.

The barrage of text messages began on April 5, the woman, whose identity was not released, told law enforcement. The woman said the messages included strange, ominous declarations. “You and I, We die together,” one message read. Another talked about a desire to “drive tanks around America & blow up churches,” the Sun-Sentinel reported.

According to his arrest affidavit, Nelson also left clothes on the front yard of the woman’s relatives and texted her a photo of an airport parking lot ticket and threatened to “start blowing up planes to prove my point.”

The woman said she knew Nelson through a friend but had seen him only a few times, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Nelson texted that he was “not suicidal,” but that he’d rather die than go to jail, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

At his court hearing, Nelson asked the judge for “mercy” while considering whether he could be let out on bond, reported the Sun-Sentinel. The judge refused his request.