Winslow's video arraignment

Jeremy Winslow, the boyfriend of Tanya Hall, the mother who was shot and killed outside a Manchester nightclub, gets arragined by video on drug and driving with a suspended licence charges at Hillsborough County Superior Court in Manchester on March 8, 2019.

MANCHESTER — Jeremy Winslow, the boyfriend driving the SUV in which Tanya Hall was shot and killed last weekend, is a victim of attempted murder himself and should be out of jail in grief counseling, his lawyer said Friday.

Nashua lawyer Mark Osborne spoke forcefully on behalf of Winslow, 34, who has told reporters he was fleeing a probable confrontation with a local biker group when Hall was shot late Saturday night.

Winslow was arrested Thursday after police found 0.4 grams of cocaine in his Jeep Wrangler. He was charged with cocaine possession, a felony, and driving with a suspended license.

Justin Moura, 34, is charged with second-degree murder in Hall’s death.

Winslow’s video arraignment in Hillsborough County Superior Court Friday drew media cameras and courthouse lawyers. At issue was his bail. Superior Court Judge Amy Messer set bail at $10,000 cash or corporate surety and mandated electronic monitoring upon his release. If bailed, Winslow cannot possess any weapons, consume alcohol or illegal drugs or move out of state.

Messer’s written decision came about an hour after an animated hearing.

“What Mr. Winslow is presently is the victim of an attempted murder,” Osborne said, drawing an objection from the prosecution.

Outside the courtroom, Osborne said a valid question for investigators is whether charges will be brought involving a crime against Winslow.

“When you’re driving away and someone shoots at you, how can you not be a victim of a crime, how are you not a victim of attempted reckless conduct or attempted murder?” Osborne asked.

Meanwhile, Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney Patrice Casian said Winslow has two outstanding warrants for DWI arrests in the states of Washington and Arizona, as well as warrants alleging failure to appear for numerous court hearings in New Hampshire.

“He is a danger to the community and a flight risk. He has almost 20 failure to appears on his record,” Casian said.

Winslow was arraigned via video and spoke from the Rockingham County jail, where he is being held. He teared up at times as the two lawyers argued over his release, especially when Osborne brought up Hall and Winslow’s family.

But at other times he rolled his eyes, as when Casian went over his long record.

He even spoke out, against his lawyer’s urging and after Messer warned him the courtroom was full of reporters.


Mark Osborne, who is the attorney for Jeremy Winslow, speaks to reporters after Winslow’s arraignment at Hillsborough County Superior Court in Manchester on Friday, March 8, 2019.

He said he was an ideal probationer for eight years. Osborne cut him off when he tried to explain his driving after suspension charges.

In an affidavit filed in court, police said Winslow was apparently driving a Jeep when Hall, 34, was shot in the back and killed.

According to the police affidavit, a police officer was conducting an accident investigation at 11:44 p.m. at the intersection of Pine and Auburn streets when a Jeep Wrangler arrived. The driver, Winslow, approached the officer to report an “incident.”

Winslow was taken to the police station for an interview and the Jeep was secured as evidence.

Police searched the vehicle on Sunday and found the cocaine and a disabled alcohol ignition interlock device.

Winslow later acknowledged to police that he was aware his license had been suspended.

The driving charge could result in a 12-month prison sentence. Cocaine possession is a Class B felony subject to a 3½-year sentence. Casian asked for $10,000 cash-only bail. Osborne wanted personal recognizance but suggested $2,000 cash or bond.

Osborne said Winslow is a low flight risk for several reasons. He has lived here most of his life. He has a good job with Avatar Construction of Waltham, Mass. He has just gained custody of his 16-year-old son and expects to gain custody of his 14-year-old son soon.

Osborne also spoke to the media about the events Saturday.

A flight risk, Osborne said, typically doesn’t embrace the media and make himself the most recognized person in the state.

“He did not fight. He did not cause problems. He fled. A danger to the community does not flee. But members of the community are certainly a danger to him,” Osborne said.

Correction: According to authorities, Jeremy Winslow's address is 409 Bridge St., Apt. A, Manchester. An alternative address, which appeared in a previous version of this story, was taken from a police affidavit.