Steeplegate Mall

Concord Police responded to an incident at the Steeplegate Mall on Wednesday night.

CONCORD — A woman was murdered and a man died by suicide outside the Steeplegate Mall on Wednesday evening.

The Attorney General’s office has identified the two as Zoe Desmarais, 21, and Alexander Thorne, 22. The two were dating, according to their Facebook profiles.

Concord police rushed to the Steeplegate Mall around 8 p.m. Wednesday. When they arrived, they found Thorne dead, and took Desmarais to Concord Hospital. Desmarais later died at Concord Hospital.

The shopping mall was open when the shooting took place outside Zoo Health Club.

The medical examiner conducted autopsies, determining that Desmarais and Thorne both died of gunshot wounds to the head. The medical examiner ruled Desmarais’ death a homicide, and Thorne’s death a suicide. A spokesman for the Attorney General’s office said it appears Thorne shot Desmarais and then took his own life, though the matter is still being investigated.

In a news release, the Attorney General’s office said they would not release more information until the investigation was finished.

Police had taped off an area of the parking lot Wednesday night and a crowd gathered as investigators took photographs and put down evidence tags.

By Thursday morning, there was little evidence of a crime scene. The tape had been removed, there was no police presence and the mall was largely open for business. Nearby, the Capital City Charter School was closed for the day.

Media members were prevented from speaking to Zoo Health Club employees inside the business.

Thursday, December 05, 2019