Damien Fisher/Union Leader Correspondent Alleged shooter Michael Connarn of Chesterfield remains jailed without bail.

CHESTERFIELD — Michael Connarn, 41, of Zinn Road, is charged with two counts of attempted murder for the Oct. 19 shooting incident in which he allegedly fired his pistol and rifle at neighbors after a confrontation in the road.

According to the police affidavit unsealed this week, Connarn told New Hampshire State Police detective Shawn Skahan that nearly all of the neighbors on his road were drug dealers and that “the local police were in on it.”

Connarn’s mother called police the morning of the shooting incident and asked for state police to respond, as opposed to local police officers, according to Skahan’s affidavit. Connarn wanted to talk with police about a wide range of topics, the officer wrote.

“We talked about religion, the federal government, local police departments, and a few other issues,” Skahan wrote.

Ty Zinn told police he was driving home from evicting his girlfriend in Massachusetts when he saw Connarn on the road walking his dog. Connarn flicked a cigarette at Zinn’s van, and Zinn stopped.

Zinn told Skahan that Connarn yelled at him about his speed, and when Zinn refused to get out of the van, he started punching the driver’s side window. Zinn told police he heard what he believes was a gunshot as he drove away.

Connarn told police that Zinn first shot at him, but according to Skahan’s affidavit, neither of Zinn’s guns had been recently fired when police inspected them.

Connarn allegedly drove his truck onto Zinn’s property and began shooting up the van. Connarn said he shot out the tires and the engine block.

As Zinn and his roommate, Kevin Fluegge, ran into the woods behind the house, they saw gunshots hit the bark on the trees near them, according to the affidavit.

Connarn remains jailed without bail after he was deemed dangerous to the community.