CONCORD — An Alton man was arrested and charged with voting in his hometown and in Leominster, Mass., during the general election in November 2016, according to state prosecutors.

Todd Krysiak, 36, will be arraigned June 20 in Belknap County Superior Court for the Class B felony of knowingly voting in more than one state.

Chief Investigator Richard Tracy with the Attorney General’s election law unit looked into this case that Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Chong Yen will prosecute, officials said.

According to social media accounts, Krysiak’s father lived in Leominster until his death in 2018.

Krysiak is registered as a Republican in Alton according to the most recent local voter registration files.

This is the latest arrest of several voter fraud cases the state has pursued since the 2016 election.

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office has indicted five people and separately issued five civil penalties for wrongful voting since 2016.

Three of those five indictments stemmed from the Crosscheck system, a multi-state effort to compare voting lists and identify wrongful voters. Democratic legislative leaders have promoted bills this year for the state to abandon Crosscheck in favor of another voter registration database program based in California.

Critics maintain Crosscheck’s program produces too many false matches.

In February, University of New Hampshire student Spencer McKinnon, now 21, became the first since the 2016 election to actually plead guilty to misdemeanor voter fraud voting in Durham after he had already voted by absentee ballot in Dracut, Mass.

McKinnon’s lawyer said a Durham town election official or activist with NextGen America had told him he could vote in New Hampshire as long as he changed his address.

While President Trump’s campaign and supporters maintain 2016 voter fraud was significant on New Hampshire campuses, McKinnon so far has been the only one to originate in the state’s major college towns.

The other ongoing prosecutions involve individuals charged with voting in either Hooksett or Hampton as well as in other states.

In April, the conservative activist group Project Veritas released a video in which an Atkinson man admitted he had voted in both New Hampshire and Florida during the 2018 election.

Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe criticized state election officials for issuing a subpoena for him to appear before a grand jury within days of posting online the video about the Atkinson man’s voting practices.

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