Aunt of murder victim wants justice

Investigators removed two crates of evidence, including human remains, from Grant’s Pond in Grafton last year. This week, authorities confirmed this remains are Trish Haynes, a North Woodstock woman who went missing in either May or June of last year.

GRAFTON — Valorie Haynes, the aunt of murder victim Trish Haynes, wants to see justice done now that the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office has formally confirmed that Trish Haynes was murdered sometime last year.

“Finally my rattling cages here in New Hampshire the past few days has paid off and now they have at least admitted that Trish Haynes was murdered and now maybe all of the people who were involved will now pay for what they did,” Valorie Haynes said in a social media post.

Trish Haynes disappeared last summer, with the last sighting of her in the Grafton and Danbury area.

Human remains were found in September at Grant’s Pond in Grafton, as police took out two crates full of evidence from the area near the pond.

On Thursday, Kate Spiner, with the Attorney General’s office, said that one set of human remains was found.

Haynes is a Stuart, Fla., native who resettled to North Woodstock.

The Attorney General’s office released a statement on Wednesday confirming that an autopsy performed on the remains found in Grafton were that of Trish Haynes, and that she had been the victim of a homicide.

Valorie Haynes said on social media that the family has known for months that Trish Haynes had been murdered.

She criticized the pace of the investigation.

“We have been consumed by this for over a year. Put yourself in our place. How would you like to have to every day know that a loved one has been murdered and the murderers are still walking the streets like nothing happened,” Valorie Haynes wrote.

The investigation into her death is ongoing.

New Hampshire State Police are asking anyone with information to call then at 223-4381.

Valorie Haynes has been trying to raise money to bring Florida family members to New Hampshire for a planned rally at the StateHouse in September. The family has set up a GoFundMe page.

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