SWANZEY — A Barrington man is heading to jail for three days after he pleaded guilty to attacking a woman’s car during a road rage incident near the Route 10 Market Basket.

Frederick B. Knecht, Jr., 20, of 174 Pond Hill Road, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Cheshire County Superior Court in Keene to one count of criminal mischief for kicking a woman’s car at a stop light after she allegedly gave him the finger while driving.

“She got what she deserved,” Knecht reportedly told police.

A separate charge of reckless conduct with a deadly weapon for allegedly ramming the same woman’s car is not being prosecuted as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.

Kari Estey-Mansfield was stopped at the traffic light in front of the Route 10 Market Basket plaza on July 19 when Knecht’s truck pulled up next to her in the right hand lane, according to the police report. Knecht got out of his truck and began kicking her passenger side door, she told police.

Estey-Mansfield started to pull her car into the Market Basket parking lot in order to call police, but Knecht reportedly followed her and then rammed the back of her car with his truck, according to police. Knecht then backed up and dove south on Route 10.

Witnesses got Knecht’s license plate and police soon tracked him down. Knecht claimed that Estey-Mansfield cut him off on Route 10, and gave him the finger while she passed him.

Knecht was sentenced to a year in jail, with 362 days suspended for two years on the condition of good behavior. Knecht is due to begin his sentence on Jan. 18.