Auburn transfer station

A state police cruiser arrives at the Auburn Transfer Station early in the investigation after a man’s body was found at the facility on Monday.

AUBURN — A man’s body was discovered Monday morning at a trash transfer station in Auburn.

The Attorney General’s office called the man’s death “suspicious.” An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

State police cruisers and unmarked law enforcement vehicles responded to the Waste Management transfer station at 24 Grey Point Ave. shortly after the call around 10 a.m. The state police Major Crime Unit truck arrived around noon. A hearse left the scene around 2:30 p.m.

The discovery led authorities to close the transfer station, leaving a line of three Manchester city garbage trucks waiting outside to unload as police vehicles arrived.

Later Monday afternoon, Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley said the unidentified body was not found in a trash container.

Aerial video showed investigators working inside the bays of the large processing building on the property.

“What the investigators are trying to do now is determine who the deceased male is, as well as how he came to be at that transfer station,” Hinckley said.

Auburn transfer station

A worker closes the gate to Waste Management’s Auburn transfer station behind an arriving State Police cruiser Monday. A body had been discovered earlier in the morning.

Employees for Waste Management, which owns and runs the facility located off of the Route 28 Bypass, were posted at the gate entrance, turning away local residents who had shown up with loads of yard waste and other materials to dispose of at the transfer station.

The company released a brief statement Monday afternoon.

“Waste Management is cooperating with the Town of Auburn and New Hampshire State Police as they investigate a situation at the Waste Management Transfer Station in Auburn,” the company said.

Hinckley said more information would not likely be released until after Tuesday’s autopsy.

Auburn Transfer Station

The State Police Major Crime Unit arrives at the Auburn Transfer Station on Monday.