BRENTWOOD — A full-time Nashua fire lieutenant is back on the job despite facing a drunk driving charge and license suspension following an October crash in Fremont.

William Campbell, who also serves as Brentwood’s part-time fire chief, returned to work in Nashua within the past two weeks pending a trial management conference on Dec. 20 in Rockingham County Superior Court, according to Nashua Fire Chief Brian Rhodes.

Rhodes said information from an internal investigation was given to the city’s fire commissioners, who agreed to let Campbell return after he was placed on paid administrative leave immediately following the crash on Route 107 in Fremont on Oct. 5.

“All the information was given to the fire commissioners and they determined at this point we have to see what the disposition of the court appearance is,” Rhodes said.

Campbell, 49, of Fremont, was also placed on unpaid leave in Brentwood, but his status wasn’t clear Wednesday.

Campbell was charged with driving under the influence after police said his truck crossed the centerline and struck a car traveling in the opposite direction. He was not hurt, but the driver and passenger in the car suffered minor injuries.

Campbell’s license remains suspended after a hearing on Nov. 16 at the Department of Safety Bureau of Hearings.

When asked if the license suspension is a problem for Campbell in his role as fire lieutenant, Rhodes said his job description doesn’t require him to drive fire vehicles.

According to a report from the hearings examiner, Campbell told police at the scene that he was returning from a funeral and denied drinking any alcohol.

Fremont police officer Kutis Boissonneault reported that Campbell’s eyes were bloodshot and glossy and that he smelled of alcohol.

Boissonneault reported that Campbell refused a field sobriety test and later declined a blood alcohol test after he was arrested and placed in the back of the cruiser.

Campbell allegedly refused the blood alcohol test again after arriving at the Rockingham County jail.