CLAREMONT — A Central Street man is going to jail after he was convicted of threatening his neighbors with a billy club in an argument over a parking space.

Howard Richards, 54, of 40 Central St. was recently sentenced in Sullivan Superior Court to one year in the House of Corrections after he was convicted at trial on one count of criminal threatening with a deadly weapon, according to court records.

Police were called to the apartment house on June 7 of last year when married couple, Zachary Pennell, 33, and Marissa Martin, 30, reported that Richards had threatened them over a parking spot. Richards was reportedly angry he could not park his bike in the spot where Pennell and Martin parked their car, according to the police report.

The couple told police they thought Richards was “all talk” when he told the couple that he was going to “take care of them,” according to the report. Richards went up into his apartment and was back down a short time later with the billy club, the couple told police.

Richards was reportedly waving it at Pennell in a threatening manner until Richards’ girlfriend grabbed the club and ran back into the apartment, according to the police report. The girlfriend, Shannon Scanlon, 45, told police that she hid the club from Richards after she took it from him.