CORNISH — Blayne Patterson, 23, is back in Florida where authorities there say he beat another man with a skateboard as part of a melee caught on video.

Patterson is charged with a first-degree felony for aggravated battery with a weapon for his alleged role in the May fight, which took place in the streets in Orlando. Patterson was brought back to Florida this week after he was apprehended by law enforcement in New Hampshire and held at the Sullivan County House of Corrections in Unity, according to court records.

The alleged victim, Brett Thompson, told police he was blindsided by one of the skateboarders he encountered on the night of May 1, according to the police affidavit.

Thompson and his companion, Josue Mariano Sanchez, were out walking when one of the skateboarders did a “trick” close to them, nearly colliding with them, Thompson told police according to the affidavit. This sparked a tense situation captured on video by witnesses in which Sanchez and Thompson exchanged words with the skateboarders, according to the affidavit. Witnesses also told police that Thompson was talking to some women when the skateboarders approached, also seeking to speak to the same women, leading to the confrontation, according to the affidavit.

Thompson told police that he told one of the skateboarders not to touch him shortly before he was blindsided by someone wielding a skateboard, according to the affidavit. In the video released by police in August, one man in a white T-shirt is seen running up to Thompson and hitting him in the head with a skateboard, sparking the fight.

Thompson was soon on the ground getting hit by the men in the skateboarding group. He ended up crawling away with a broken nose and a concussion, according to police. By the time police had identified the suspects in the fight, Patterson had gone back to New Hampshire, according to the affidavit.


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