DERRY — The Rockingham County Sheriff’s office says a Derry man who violently resisted arrest and injured a deputy Wednesday evening at his apartment building was released on bail and allegedly fled the hospital before being discharged.

Chief Deputy Al Brackett with the Rockingham County Sheriff’s office said five deputies were involved in a sweep to locate and arrest Jason Hunkins at 5 East Broadway A-5 in Derry at 8 p.m. for charges related to an alleged high-speed chase with New Hampshire State Police in Salem recently.

He said Hunkins was uncooperative at first, refusing to confirm his identity, when things took a violent turn.

“It ended up turning into a pretty violent altercation,” Brackett said.

Brackett said Hunkins tussled with three deputies while Hunkins’ partner, Shannon Nelson, was held back by two other deputies because she was allegedly interfering with the arrest.

One of the deputies received back injuries after he and Hunkins fell down a flight of about 15 stairs, Brackett said. Both were transported to Parkland Medical Center in Derry for treatment.

Brackett said Hunkins was wanted on nine active warrants from New Hampshire State Police for charges including operating after certified as a habitual offender, reckless conduct, driving after suspension for DWI, driving without given proof, driving after suspension, disobeying, reckless driving, and more.

Bracket said his office intends to file “several” more charges related to the alleged altercation between Hunkins and the deputies, but was not able to say what those charges would be at this time.

They charged Nelson with simple assault, obstruction of government administration, hindering apprehension or prosecution, and resisting arrest or detention, all misdemeanors.

Nelson was arrested on $800 personal recognizance bail. Hunkins was also released on bail while at Parkland Medical Center, and allegedly “fled from the hospital staff prior to being discharged after being bailed on those (State Police) charges,” according to a news release.

Brackett said they had hoped to make contact with Hunkins before he was discharged as part of their investigation.

“Very candidly, we’re not happy with the new bail reform and this is a good example of what ends up happening,” Brackett said.

He said he believes recent events illustrates that Hunkins is “dangerous” and should be held without bail.

“These individuals who are dangerous should be held, and because of bail reform, they’re not. The judges are letting them go,” Bracket said.

He said Nelson is due to be arraigned at Derry District Court on Oct. 31, and he believes Hunkins is likely to be arraigned at Rockingham County Superior Court on Oct. 4.

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