Big blast for gender reveal in Kingston rocks homes miles away

A police investigation followed an explosion at a gender reveal event in a quarry at Torromeo Industries in Kingston the night of April 20.

A Kingston man responsible for a baby gender reveal explosion that used 80 pounds of Tannerite and shook homes in numerous towns has been charged with disorderly conduct, police said Monday.

Anthony Spinelli, no age available, was charged for allegedly causing public alarm during last month’s incident in a quarry at Torromeo Industries that made international headlines and alarmed homeowners who were startled by the blast.

The explosion resembled the shaking of a small earthquake, was felt in several communities, and could be heard more than 25 miles away.

Police began their investigation after responding to Torromeo Industries at 18 Dorre Road for a report of a large explosion just after 7 p.m. on April 20.

Officers quickly determined that the explosion was related to a gender reveal party to announce a baby boy and that blue chalk was used along with approximately 80 pounds of Tannerite, which is an explosive for targets used for firearms practice and sold in kit form.

According to police, a Kingston detective met with people at the party who cooperated with the investigation. Police were told that they picked the quarry because they thought it would be a safe location for the big reveal.

Police received some reports of possible property damage related to the blast. However, they said, the investigation found no additional damage caused by the explosion.

Spinelli was charged under New Hampshire’s disorderly conduct law, which states, in part, that a person is guilty of a violation if he “purposely causes a breach of the peace, public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creates a risk thereof, by making loud or unreasonable noises in a public place, or making loud or unreasonable noises in a private place which can be heard in a public place or other private places, which noises would disturb a person of average sensibilities.”

Spinelli could not immediately be reached for comment Monday afternoon.


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