MANCHESTER — Two videos of a gun-wielding man being stunned in the lobby of police headquarters Monday have been released by the department.

In the videos provided Thursday, Khalid Dibi, 30, is seen early on calmly pulling a gun out of a bag and then disturbingly pointing it at himself as he speaks with a receptionist behind bullet resistant glass.

Another man in the lobby shuffles through papers until noticing the unfolding drama before him and retreats from the building as the first police officer makes an appearance about 2 minutes and 20 seconds into the video. That officer is quickly followed by seven others, all with either guns or Tasers drawn.

When the first officers enter, Dibi places what appears to be a large revolver on the counter and steps away. Surrounded and cornered, he rocks from foot to foot with his hands at his side as police appear to shout instructions. After about 40 seconds of this Dibi is shot with a Taser and collapses as the squad of officers moves in to take him into custody.

“Although he put the gun on the counter, he stayed within arms reach of the weapon and was unresponsive to officers commands,” police said. “As a precaution an officer deployed his Taser and Dibi fell to the ground. He was then taken into custody.”

The incident began about 10:15 a.m. Monday with Dibi approaching the clerk at the counter to report a stolen gun, according to police.

“It was later determined that it was Dibi who had stolen the gun involved in the incident,” police said Thursday. “The gun owner reported the gun stolen shortly after the incident in the lobby. The owner also reported he found a bullet hole inside his car, leading police to believe Dibi fired the gun prior to arriving at the Police Department.”

Dibi is charged with criminal threatening, reckless conduct, receiving stolen property and preventative detention. He is being held at Valley Street jail.

On Tuesday, a judge ordered Dibi to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. In her order, Judge Amy Messer said her decision was “based on the nature of the offense and instability of the defendant at this time.”

Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney Katelyn Brown, who asked that Dibi be placed in preventive detention in lieu of bail, told Messer that Dibi pointed the gun at his own chin twice before he was subdued by officers.

Brown disclosed that Dibi had also stopped by the police department Friday and spoke about “wanting to kill someone” and wishing to speak to a judge or a police officer.

“He felt like he might kill someone and the help he had been getting wasn’t working,” Brown said.

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