SWANZEY — The owner of Better Bones Inc. Angelo Nastovski stole money from a senior citizen in Massachusetts as part of a boat repair scam, according to police.

Nastovski, 56, of 450 Cobble Hill Road in Swanzey, was arrested last week during a hearing at the Department of Labor in Concord when state police discovered the warrants charging him in Massachusetts.

According to a statement from the Marshfield Police Department, Nastoski took $3,000 in cash and thousands of dollars worth of boating equipment from an elderly man in 2018.

Police say Nastovski advertised boat repair services online, and contracted with the elderly man to make the repairs to his boat. Nastovski stopped talking to the elderly man soon after he got the money and equipment, according to police, and that prompted the alleged victim to contact detectives.

Nastovski promised to create hundreds of jobs with company located in an old mill building. Instead, according to Deputy Labor Commissioner Rudolph Ogden, Nastovksi owes employee close to $30,000 in unpaid wages.

The state filed a wage complaint against Nastovski in January. When contacted about that case, Nastovski denied all the charges by claiming he never had employees.

“The whole report is one big sham,” he said of the state’s complaint.

While he was in Concord to dispute the wage claim, staff in the Department of Labor asked New Hampshire State Police to provide security for the hearing, according to police. That’s when state police decided to run a background check on Nastovski and discovered the warrants, police said last week. Nastovski was arrested before the hearing could be completed.

Nastovksi was extradited to Massachusetts this week and arraigned Thursday in the Plymouth District Court on three felony larceny charges. It is not known if Nastovski made bail. He had been held since his arrest in Concord as a fugitive from justice.{/div}