RINDGE — Police are searching for vandals who hit cars, mailboxes, and homes all throughout town with paintballs.

Rindge Police Officer Zach Letourneau said the vandals appear to have struck twice over the weekend, the first time after 9 p.m. on Saturday, and again after 9 p.m. on Sunday.

Police started Monday with a dozen complaints, but that grew to two dozen by Monday afternoon, with more victims coming forward. The paintballs used were yellow with a green casing, and believed to have been shot from a paintball gun.

“God forbid anybody stepped outside and was hit,” Letourneau said. “It’s essentially a drive-by shooting.”

Homes and mail boxes have been damaged, with at least one report of a screen door being torn, Letourneau said. The vehicles hit by the paintballs left the owners having to scrape the frozen paint off, he said.

This weekend’s damage is unrelated to the town-wide vandalism that occurred in late October, Letourneau said. Underage vandals reportedly threw toilet paper all over the town common, lit fires in the road, and threw garbage and debris into the road.

“It’s a tradition around here, for whatever reason, to do stuff like that,” Letourneau said.

The October vandalism included someone pouring a bottle of pancake syrup all over a police cruiser parked in the police station parking lot. That person was caught on surveillance video, and has since been identified by police.

Letourneau is asking that anyone with information call him, or Officer Max Rocheleau at 899-5009 or 355-2000.