A former lobbyist was acquitted on two domestic violence charges and convicted of a lesser charge on Thursday.

Robert Blaisdell was charged with domestic violence and false imprisonment in May 2019, following an incident at his Manchester home. The arrest came four months after Blaisdell’s wife filed for divorce, and two months after Blaisdell’s counter-filing for divorce.

Blaisdell was free on bail before his trial, which was delayed because of COVID-19.

On Thursday, Blaisdell was found not guilty of domestic violence and false imprisonment. Blaisdell was found guilty of criminal mischief.

Blaisdell’s attorney, Richard Guerriero, said that during the trial Blaisdell admitted to breaking a cell phone, which led to the criminal mischief conviction.

Guerriero said Thursday in an email that Blaisdell was looking forward to rebuilding his life and career.

Hillsborough County prosecutors did not make any statement about the case.

In a statement, the victim in the case expressed disappointment in the jury’s verdict on the domestic violence and false imprisonment charges, and said Blaisdell broke the cell phone as the victim was trying to call for help.

Blaisdell had worked as a lobbyist representing a range of clients in Concord, including the state troopers and police unions, associations of golf course managers and athletic trainers, and large companies including Comcast, Eversource and FedEx.

Blaisdell left his former firm, the Demers Group, after his arrest.