MANCHESTER — A former city elementary school principal was arrested Friday on the charge she had filed a false report that her home had been burglarized on Jan. 23, according to police officials.

Sarah Lynch, 39, was arrested at the home of a relative in Hampstead Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. following an extensive investigation into her claim that an unidentified male adult broke into her home, assaulted her and left after a brief struggle.

“Due to fabricating the entire incident, Lynch was ultimately charged with falsifying physical evidence and creating a false report to law enforcement,” Manchester police officials said in a news release.

Lynch is scheduled to appear Monday in Hillsborough County Superior Court North to face the felony charges.

Attempts to reach Lynch’s lawyer, Kirk Simoneau, Friday night were not successful.

Officials said detectives and patrol officers had “flooded the area” after the alleged assault to try to locate an intruder, but without success.

Lynch has sued the Manchester School District charging it with terminating her after she had uncovered problems with administrative and financial decisions at the Webster Elementary School where she had worked.

The lawsuit claims Lynch suffered “harm, including loss of income, emotional distress and other damages” as a result of her firing. It seeks damages and legal fees.

Lynch claimed school administrators told her she was let go for improper use of school funds and failure to follow protocol in hiring a new assistant principal at Webster.

In a lengthy response, lawyers for the school district denied all the charges.

After the alleged burglary and responding via email to questions from a New Hampshire Union Leader reporter, Lynch said she texted her wife, Michelle, around 10:40 a.m. on Jan. 23 saying she was “creeped out,” because she thought she heard a door in their house open.

“When I looked, the storm door was open, but the main door was shut and locked,” wrote Lynch in an email. “I took a shower then was working in the office applying for jobs when I heard a loud bang. That (was) around 11:15 a.m. I came out from the office which is close to the front of the house. There was a man standing there clean cut, brown trimmed beard. I don’t know what his hair looked like. He had on a Patriots winter hat. He was not shocked or stunned to see me.”

Lynch said after seeing the man she moved quickly to her left, then “whipped a candle at him” that was on a nearby mantel.

“It hit him in the back. He tripped over,” said Lynch. “I ran over to hit him. He was able to punch me several times and threw me on top of the small Doc McStuffins table that our daughters have. He choked me with his two fists pressed down, then we struggled and he grabbed a computer cord we had and began to pull it around my neck. I pushed my head backward so that I could breathe. I am not sure if I fully passed out, but the black spots were there.”

Lynch said she sat on the floor of her home and called 911. She was taken to Elliot Hospital for treatment of her injuries and discharged later the same day.

Union Leader reporter Paul Feely contributed to this report.