Waterbury in court

Disgraced former Monadnock Middle School soccer coach Alexander Waterbury is led into court on Tuesday for his plea and sentencing hearing.

KEENE — The former Monadnock Middle School soccer coach who sexually assaulted one of his players will serve at least 3 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty Tuesday.

Judge David Ruoff sentenced Alexander Waterbury, 24, in the Cheshire Superior Court in Keene to four counts of felonious sexual assault and two counts of prohibited alcohol sales for plying the victim with alcohol.

The victim has been living with the physical and emotional fallout from the assaults since Waterbury was arrested over the summer, the girl’s mother told the court. The mother read a statement from her daughter, saying that Waterbury left her with lasting pain.

“I realized that he manipulated me and I feel used,” the girl wrote in her statement.

Waterbury was arrested in July after the assaults came to the attention of police. They happened at his Keene apartment, according to court records. When the school learned of the allegations, he was fired from his job as a coach. Waterbury tried to manipulate the girl up to the time he was arrested in order to save his job, the mother said in her statement.

“This monster attempted to blame our little girl for his loss of employment,” the mother said.

Waterbury was also the girl’s coach at the private soccer club in Keene, Cheshire United. He was fired from that position as well. The girl has since dropped her participation with Cheshire United, her mother said.

The mother said Waterbury’s actions harmed their family and the community. The family is spending $1,100 a month on therapy for the girl. She has felt isolated and humiliated, and her enjoyment of soccer has vanished, her mother said. The girl’s father said in a statement read in court that Waterbury manipulated and lied to people to get what he wanted.

“What he has done to my little girl has been unforgivable,” the mother said. “One day Alex Waterbury will answer to a higher authority for his sins, and in that I take great comfort.”

The victim, the father and the mother asked for the toughest sentence possible.

The girl wanted to make sure Waterbury would remain in prison at least until she graduated from high school, the mother said.

Waterbury apologized to the victim and her family, saying he hoped to learn to be a better person while in prison.

“I know I destroyed trust, and trust is really, really hard to come by,” he said. “I know it’s all on me. I did it. I know I have a lot of issues and I have a lot of problems and I caused a lot of harm.”

Ruoff sentenced Waterbury to 3-1/2 to 7 years in prison on three of the felonious sexual assault convictions, all of them to run concurrently.

He was given a suspended 3-1/2 to 7 year prison sentence for the fourth felonious sexual assault charge, which will remain suspended for 15 years starting once he is out of prison.

The alcohol charges resulted in a House of Corrections sentence to cover the time he’s served in jail since his arrest.

Waterbury will have to register as a sexual offender, and Ruoff granted a 15-year restraining order to keep him from contacting the girl and her family members.

He also is to pay the family $20,000 in restitution.

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