Barrington police are investigating what they say are two incidents involving the passing of suspected counterfeit $100 bills, and are asking the public “to be cognizant of folks passing large bills.”

“This is the second time one of these bills has appeared at a business or banking institution in Barrington,” the department said in a post on its Facebook page.

The post included two photographs that appear to show a $100 bill, with Benjamin Franklin’s likeness, but with markings that appear to be Chinese Hanzi lettering.

Barrington Police Chief George Joy could not be reached on Sunday for further details on the incident.

A manager at the Circle K Irving station on Route 11 in Farmington who asked not to be identified said she had recently turned away a customer who tried to pass a $100 bill that she suspected was counterfeit.

In this case, the bill appeared to look greyish and had markings in the upper right hand corner that she said “flagged” the bill as fraudulent.

“I am not taking this,” she reportedly told the customer, whom she described as an “older gentleman.”

The clerk said the man claimed his wife had found the bill.

Media reports of similar bills passed in other parts of the country describe them as Chinese training currency used to educate bank tellers in China on handling U.S. currency.