Todd White gets up to 30 years for child sex abuse images

Todd White of Jaffrey looks at his family in the Cheshire Superior Court in Friday during his plea and sentencing hearing on charges of possession of child sex abuse images.

KEENE — A Jaffrey man who had movies on his computer depicting acts of violent child sexual abuse is headed to prison for up to 30 years after he entered into a plea agreement on Friday.

Todd White, 48, expressed remorse to Cheshire Superior Court Judge David Ruoff before he was sentenced. He promised to attempt to reform and undergo treatment while in prison.

“Though it is unlikely I will survive my incarceration,” he said.

White will serve a minimum of eight years and a maximum of 30 years in the New Hampshire State Prison. He is eligible to earn up to two years off his sentence if he is able to complete sex offender treatment while behind bars. Once released, White will have an additional suspended prison sentence of 7½ to 15 years hanging over him for the next 40 years to ensure he remains on good behavior.

Ruoff told White that while he does not consider him a monster, he committed serious crimes that hurt children, even if indirectly.

“You did contribute to a market where children are trafficked and hurt,” Ruoff said.

Police arrested White in February after members of the New Hampshire Internet Crimes Against Children task force were tipped off by his internet service provider in January, according to court records. When police went to his home on Jan. 25 to execute a search warrant White told police he knew why they were there.

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