MANCHESTER A judge denied bail for Justin Moura on Wednesday morning, a day after police said the motorcycle club member had claimed the shooting death of Tanya Hall was an accident.

Moura is facing a second-degree murder charge in Hall’s shooting death March 2 outside a downtown bar.

In a 2-page order, Superior Court Judge Amy Messer said the evidence shown on Tuesday is enough to meet the legal standard to hold someone without bail on a second-degree murder charge.

She noted evidence that Moura and Hall’s boyfriend, Jeremy Winslow, were involved in physical altercations both inside and outside Club Manchvegas, that a surveillance video shows Moura running after Winslow’s car as it drove off, and that Moura pulled out a loaded gun and disengaged the saftey “prior to the firearm discharging.”

The ruling means that Moura will remain in jail until a likely trial.

On Tuesday, homicide prosecutor Peter Hinckley said he has 90 days from the date of Moura’s arrest to seek an indictment, although prosecutors frequently seek and are granted more time for an indictment.

He spoke after a bail hearing that involved two video clips from security surveillance cameras and a police detective recounting his interview with Moura. In part, the interview contradicted an earlier version that Winslow gave to reporters.

Moura told police that he went into a fight or flight mode after Winslow struck him with his Jeep SUV in a parking lot, which threw him to the ground. He told police he was running toward Winslow’s vehicle, intending to shoot out the tires or at the very least get the license plate number. He told police the Jeep veered toward him, he slipped on ice, his hands shot up and the 9mm handgun accidentally went off.

Hall, 34, the mother of a toddler, was shot in the back and died quickly.

Hinckley told reporters that prosecutors typically seal court paperwork to prevent media reports that would prompt potential witnesses to alter their statements.

He acknowledged that his preference would not be for the information from the bail hearing to get out, but he said the investigation had progressed far enough that it would not likely taint the investigation.