CONCORD — An 80-year-old resident of Madison has been charged with voting in more than one state in the last presidential election, New Hampshire authorities announced Wednesday.

Charles Eugene Cartier Jr., 80, is the third elderly person and fifth person overall to face voter fraud charges stemming from the Voter Crosscheck Program, a multi-state database that compares voter information in different states to detect double voting. Dozens remain under investigation, all involving the 2016 presidential election, according to officials.

The first two arrested on Crosscheck-identified voter fraud were Hampton residents John and Grace Fleming, who are both in their early 70s. They have claimed they were confused and made a mistake.

Cartier’s arrest on a Class B felony was announced Wednesday by Attorney General Jane Young, whose office investigates and brings charges related to voter fraud.

Cartier allegedly checked in at the polls in Madison, a small town in eastern Carroll County, for the general election in 2016 and also voted in Massachusetts that election cycle. Prosecutors allege he knew what he was doing.

Michael Brooks, the town clerk in Madison, said Cartier registered on the day of the 2016 general election.

Cartier owns a lakeside camp at 19 Diessbach Drive, according to online tax records for the town of Madison. He purchased the property in 2010, and it is valued at $306,000 for tax purposes, records show.

Cartier was arrested Wednesday by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department. He is scheduled for arraignment on June 28 at 9 a.m. in Carroll County Superior Court.

For months, officials have been investigating names that popped up in the crosscheck of voting lists of states that provided the data for the 2016 presidential election. The New Hampshire Secretary of State has referred 61 Crosscheck program cases to prosecutors, said Nicholas Chong Yen, an assistant New Hampshire attorney general.

“We continue to investigate these cases,” he said.

All five arrested so far are charged with voting in Massachusetts as well as New Hampshire. University of New Hampshire student Spencer McKinnon pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor n February. A judge fined him $2,000, gave him 200 hours community service and stripped his right to vote in New Hampshire.

Three others have been charged with voter fraud that was detected outside the Crosscheck system.