Claremont disturbance call leads to police shooting

Police are still trying to determine what happened Wednesday when members of a State Police SWAT team exchanged gunfire with and shot and killed Jeffrey Ely, who was barricaded in a Claremont self-storage facility.

A 40-year-old Vermont man holed up in a storage unit in Claremont was shot in the head, neck, torso and upper and lower extremities in an exchange of gunfire with a state police SWAT team Wednesday night, authorities said.

The names of the six troopers involved will not be released until formal interviews are completed, Deputy Attorney General Jane E. Young said in a statement Thursday,

None of the troopers was injured. Young said the incident was not recorded by cruiser or body cameras.

Claremont police were called to a storage unit about 11 a.m. for a report of gunshots being fired at the Dartmouth Woolen Mills facility on Sullivan Street, according to management at the facility.

The former woolen mill is now mostly a self-storage business, Sugar River Storage. Management there said Ely reportedly stored a truck at the facility. Ely is from Windsor, Vt., about 10 miles from Claremont.

On his Facebook page Wednesday, Ely posted a video that appeared to be taken inside his storage facility. The video is black, but in the audio someone can be heard cursing at police, and a sound like a gunshot can be heard. Ely’s Facebook page includes several posts over the past week expressing anger and fear that his phone was being monitored.

A March 14 Facebook post on his page says, “Remote neural monitoring, Extra low frequency, Mind control, Targeted individual ... This sounds crazy but it’s real. I’m sure nobody will even see this, but if you do go look it up. It’s scary.”

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office confirmed that Claremont police officers were called to Sugar River Storage at 247 Sullivan St., where they soon found a man barricaded inside the facility. The ensuing standoff lasted hours, with police sending alerts to nearby residents and businesses to shelter in place.

“I got a call telling me to stay inside,” said Darla Scott, bartender at the Polish American Citizens Club up the road from the mill facility. “There was not a whole lot of people here at the time.”

As Ely stayed barricaded inside the storage facility, Claremont police were joined by members of the state police SWAT team in the evening.

At 9:25 p.m., Claremont police suspended the shelter-in-place order for the neighborhood.

Thursday, April 22, 2021