Gary Coonrod

Hinsdale man Gary Coonrod is indicted on 15 counts of possession of child sexual abuse images.

HINSDALE — The man arrested in West Virginia after fleeing a child sex abuse image investigation is now scheduled to plead guilty.

Gary Coonrod, 47, went missing earlier this year with his then-girlfriend, Tiffany Weeks, and her five-year-old son as police were investigating him for the alleged possession of the child pornography. He was arrested hours after police issued a public notice on March 12. Weeks and her child have since resettled out of state.

He was indicted over the summer on 15 felony charges of possession of child sexual abuse images. He was originally scheduled for a plea and sentencing hearing. In the Cheshire Superior Court in Keene on Tuesday, but that hearing is now continued until November, according to court records.

Hinsdale Police began investigating Coonrod, a Pleasant Street resident, after Weeks, 28, told her therapist that Coonrod had child pornography on his computer hard drive.

According to the affidavit written by Hinsdale Chief Todd Faulkner, the therapist called police after learning about Coonrod’s alleged child pornography stash. Officers then spoke to Weeks, who said she made the discovery while her son was playing with one of Coonard’s old cell phones, Faulkner wrote.

Weeks noticed a story on the phone about two men who have sex with a child, Faulkner wrote. Upset by the story, Weeks called Coonrod’s daughter in West Virginia, Kyla Coonrod. She told Weeks to look for an external hard drive. Weeks found the hard drive and plugged it into her computer, and found “lots” is child sex abuse images, mostly of young girls, Faulkner wrote.

Police interviewed Coonrod on March 8, and told officers that he downloaded the images years ago, and kept them stored on the external hard drive, Faulkner wrote. He told police he recently downloaded stories that detail sexual assaults of children.

As police prepared an arrest warrant, Coonrod fled the state, along with his girlfriend and her child. Police sent out public alerts about Coonrod, out of fear for the child’s safety. Coonrod was arrested in West Virginia, and Weeks and her son were not reported harmed.

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