Jesse Longden


HOOKSETT — A Queen City man is facing felonies after failure to use a turn signal led to a search that discovered drugs and weapons.

According to police, Jesse Longden, 33, of Manchester was stopped about 11:30 a.m. in the parking lot of the Firebird Motel on Bell Avenue after he was seen exiting a nearby Irving gas station without signaling.

“Drug paraphernalia was observed inside the vehicle and Longden gave consent for Officer Fosher to search the vehicle,” police said. “Suspected crack cocaine, heroin and/or fentanyl were located as well as a butcher’s knife and a pair of brass knuckles.”

Longden was arrested on two counts of possession of a controlled drug, two counts of possession of a dangerous weapon and transporting drugs in a vehicle.

Longden was released on personal recognizance bond pending arraignment Sept. 19 in Merrimack County Superior Court.