NEWPORT — A Manchester man is headed to jail after he pleaded guilty to two felony counts of forgery.

Dante Parrish, 22, was sentenced last week in the Sullivan Superior Court to 12 months in the Sullivan House of Corrections in Unity, with a 2- to 5-year state prison sentence suspended for five years. He will serve 3 years probation once he gets out.

According to court records, Parrish used a counterfeit $50 bill at the T-Bird gas station and another fake $50 bill at the Rite Aid pharmacy, both in Newport. Police started investigating and soon were able to track the phony bills to Parrish.

Though he could have been sentenced to prison for a longer period of time, the Sullivan County Attorney’s office stated sending him to the county jail for a year was a better sentence to deal with Parrish.

“Mr. Parrish’s conduct was in part motivated by the dangerous influence of drugs,” according to a statement released by the prosecutor’s office. “The Sullivan County Attorney’s Office is determined to prosecute these crimes in ways designed to keep the people of Sullivan County safe, meet the punitive, rehabilitative, and deterrence objectives of sentencing, while also addressing the dangerous influences of controlled drugs at all phases of the criminal prosecution.”

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