Jeremy Winslow

Jeremy Winslow

Charged with reckless conduct

MANCHESTER — Three months after authorities sent Justin Moura off to prison for a 2019 killing outside Club ManchVegas, police on Wednesday filed a felony reckless conduct charge against his adversary, Jeremy Winslow.

Police charged Winslow with accelerating his SUV forward rapidly and striking Moura in the nightclub parking lot on March 2, 2019, according to a statement issued Thursday. Minutes after that parking lot confrontation, Winslow saw girlfriend Tanya Hall slump over and die in his SUV after she took a bullet in the back from Moura’s handgun.

The lawyer who represented Winslow last year said he was shocked to hear of the charge.

“This just feels dirty. It’s desperate and dirty,” said Mark Osborne. He said Winslow pleaded guilty to a driving-after-suspension charge from that night. That followed lengthy negotiation with prosecutors and involved dismissal of a cocaine-possession charge.

No one ever mentioned a reckless conduct charge at the time, he said.

“Now they’re going to say Justin Moura is a victim? Really?” Osborne said.

He said Winslow would have a valid self-defense claim, and prosecutors will have to work out an agreement with a judge to prevent Moura from incriminating himself if he testifies.

Osborne is not representing Winslow on the latest charge.

In the statement, Manchester police said surveillance video shows Winslow’s vehicle striking Moura. His actions were verified by multiple witnesses.

The warrant was issued for Winslow in April after a thorough investigation that took place in connection with the Hall homicide, police said.

“It is not unusual for the Manchester Police Department to investigate associated or related criminal activity even when working on a homicide,” police spokesman Heather Hamel said in an email.

Winslow has been the most colorful character in the ordeal. He readily spoke to the media in the days after the shooting, aggravating the Hall family enough that they took out a restraining order.

Winslow seemed erratic during some court appearances. At one point, Osborne said his client is the victim of an attempted murder and should be in grief counseling. Moura has never been charged with any assault or murder attempt against Winslow.

Winslow turned himself over to police on Wednesday and was released on his own recognizance. His arraignment is scheduled for July 30.

Hillsborough County Attorney Michael Conlon said the case will have to go before a grand jury. He did not have any other comment.

In March, Moura pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Hall’s death and was sentenced to state prison for 12 years.

Hall’s death followed a confrontation between Winslow and a few members of the Bros, a secretive, self-described men’s fraternity that counts Moura as a member.

Winslow had pulled out of the Club ManchVegas parking lot and was driving away when Moura chased the vehicle while holding a handgun. Moura has claimed he slipped on ice and the gun went off.

The bullet entered the SUV and struck Hall in the back. She died within minutes.

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