Julia Enright in court

Julia Enright of Ashburnham, Mass., is accused of killing Brandon Chicklis of Westminster, Mass.

WORCESTER, Mass — The woman charged with killing a man last year and dumping his body in Rindge, N.H., wrote about her “curiosity” about killing another person, according to court records.

“I daydream about it on occasion,” Julia Enright reportedly wrote. “I just have this insatiable curiosity to kill a person.”

Enright, 22, of Ashburnham, Mass., is headed to trial in the Worcester Superior Court on the charge she murdered Brandon Chicklis, 20, of Westminster, Mass., in June of last year. She reportedly attributed that note about killing to a writing class, as well as concerns about overpopulation, according to the court records first obtained by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

Enright’s writing about her supposed desire to kill another person came out in recent Worcester court filings in which prosecutors are seeking a motion to obtain her computer’s security password.

Enright reportedly worried prosecutors would get access to her laptop, according to the affidavit in support of the motion written by Massachusetts State Trooper Matthew Prescott.

“I have some creepy deep thoughts and stuff that I wrote in there if I’m having a bad day. Like that’s what I write about when I am in that mood,” she allegedly said during a Sept. 13, 2018, conversation with her boyfriend, John Lind, according to Prescott’s affidavit.

Some of Enright and Lind’s phone conversations were recorded and made available to a grand jury while she was held at the Western Massachusetts Regional Women’s Correctional Center in Chicopee, Mass., according to the affidavit.

Part of the affidavit also indicates Enright’s alleged relationship with Chicklis, and her possible side-line as dominatrix.

What investigators “located were numerous documents, notebooks and business cards with Julia’s picture on it which indicated that Julia was a ‘dominatrix’ and participated in activities related to ‘BDSM’ with persons that met her and paid for these services,” Prescott wrote.

Enright told police she had had a sexual relationship with Chicklis in high school, and that they had recently picked up an on-again, off-again relationship, according to Prescott.

When police searched her Ashburnham home in July, they saw a room next to Enright’s bedroom that contained the skeletal remains of animals, according to Prescott. Detectives also found “numerous vials of blood in her bedroom, all labeled with individual names,” as well as a glass pitcher with what appeared to be blood and a glass beaker with what appeared to be an animal’s heart in it, Prescott reported.

Chicklis was reported missing by family on June 23 after he left home to visit a cousin in Windham, N.H. The New Hampshire cousin reported that Chicklis never arrived. Chicklis’ body was found on the side of Route 119 in Rindge on July 10. Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. has said Chicklis was likely killed in Ashburnham and his body then moved to New Hampshire.

Chicklis’ car was found at the Hannaford Supermarket parking lot off Route 119, just over the Massachusetts border near Winchendon.

In the ensuing investigation, detectives zeroed in on Enright when cellphone records placed Chicklis at Enright’s 171 Packard Hill Road home in Ashburnham on June 23. During a subsequent search, detectives reportedly found what was described as evidence relating to Chicklis’ death.

In court, prosecutors said blood was found on stairs leading to a tree house outside the home and inside the tree house, as well as inside Enright’s car.

Prescott reports in his affidavit the tree house appeared to have been recently cleaned when detectives started investigating at the house.

The tree house seems to have been the center of some of Enright’s activities.

Prescott reports that investigators found evidence that Enright had bought carpeting for the tree house a few days after Chicklis went missing.

Lind told police that he and Enright spent time in the tree house in the months before Chicklis was found dead, according to Prescott.

Enright’s defense attorney, Louis Badwey, did not respond to a request for comment.

Mass. woman indicted in death of man found in Rindge