KEENE — A city man will spend eight months in jail after he pleaded guilty Friday to one count of criminal threatening with a deadly weapon for a summer shooting in Keene’s downtown.

Bobbie Joel Parker, 37, reportedly a member of the Iron Militia Motorcycle Club, was sentenced to a year in jail for the felony charge stemming from a night out drinking, according to court records.

Parker was known to police before the Aug. 14 incident, according to the affidavit filed in court by Keene Police Officer Arthur Harvey. Parker had been spotted by another officer in the weeks prior carrying a pistol downtown, according to Harvey.

Harvey encountered Parker and a woman around 1 a.m. on Aug. 14 downtown on Main Street, and he said it appeared Parker was intoxicated. Harvey left the couple and a short time later there were reports of a gunshot on Railroad Street, near where Harvey encountered Parker and the woman.

A man and woman told police a man matching Parker’s description had yelled at them, brandished a pistol and fired a round into the air before running off. Police caught up with Parker and he was found with a loose assortment of 9 mm ammunition, according to Harvey. A spent 9 mm round was recovered on Railroad Street, according to Harvey.

The Iron Militia Motorcycle Club reportedly recently entered into a lease agreement to take over a former bar in Vernon, Vt., to serve as a private club space.

Parker will serve eight months and have four months suspended for two years, during which time he must remain on good behavior, according to the court records. A second charge of reckless conduct with a deadly weapon was not prosecuted. Parker could have been sentenced to up to seven years in prison on each count.